A great migration of Premier League players to Spain?

Even though Paul Pogba has been playing magnificently since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over the helms of Manchester United (check here United’s stats for the current season), the Red Devils and their fans might have to face that Pogba is actually thinking about leaving the club from the north of England.

French midfielder looks to the south- he’s repeatedly been linked with clubs like Real Madrid or Juventus. The Juventus move would most surely be an interesting situation, because, as we all know, Paul Pogba once played for the club from Torino. Whether the Juventus fans will welcome him is a completely different question- we all know that fans can hold grudges against players that left their beloved club.

A bit more to the northwest of England, another great club, Liverpool, is in a similar situation. More and more the departure of Sadio Mane starts to look like a possible option. Zinedine Zidane likes the way Senegalese striker plays and will like to strengthen his ranks by bringing him to Spain. And when you look at it, Real Madrid could use some help at the attacking part of the squad, as they lacked a good classic striker for quite some time now.

Needless to say, both transfers would involve astronomical amounts of money. It will be interesting to see how far this “strategy” will go. Are we going to see billions being offered and spent on just one player? We have to remember that, not so long ago, it seemed “blasphemous” for a club to spend 20 or 30 million euros on one player. For example, 37 million Real Madrid spent on David Beckham was an unimaginable amount of money at the time. Now clubs spend more money on players who are still in puberty.

Although Manchester United really showed its quality practically the same day Ole Gunnar Solskaer sat at the helms of the “Red Devils”, things aren’t looking that good at the moment. Manchester lost to their city rivals (no pun intended), and their final position in the Premier League might not be such a favorable one, at least not the one fans expected at the first few weeks after Solskaer’s arrival.

It isn’t thus surprising to see a lot of players being criticized for their lack of zeal and commitment. Paul Pogba, is, needless to say, “the usual suspect” in this respect, as he was repeatedly accused of being lazy and disrespectful towards the coach, at least during Mourinho’s era.

Finally, it seems as if Pogba wants to add more trophies to his tally, after few miraculous seasons in Juventus and historic World Cup spree in Russia. Manchester United is simply unable to win anything, except maybe FA cup. Both Real Madrid and United are to undergo a serious overhaul in the next transfer window, and it won’t be surprising to see a lot of players leaving both clubs. Finally, it will all come down to Pogba decision. And for us, it seems like he’s going to leave for Madrid- needless to say, he doesn’t have that “one club mentality”- he changed few big clubs quite early in his career, and probably won’t stop now. And his hunger for trophies and good games is probably greater than his love for Manchester United. Of course, a lot of it depends on Real Madrid, as this club will undergo significant changes in personnel- so Pogba’s place is by no means assured, as there is a lot of good midfielders who are playing quite well.

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