Real Madrid vs Barcelona – El Clasico Preview

Other than being a sheer Spanish League meet, Real Madrid vs Barcelona is definitely a derby. This situation outweighs other drive or targets within this match up. Certainly, the 2 squads are going to fight for both reputation and objectives.

The latest data prove that Real Madrid isn’t within the best form, failing to acquire a lot more than 7 points within the last five games. Will they be capable of be successful now? That is still to be noticed.

Unfortunately for Real Madrid, Barcelona is very much in a very good form. As this is an away meet, Barcelona has got a lesser prospect of being successful, but nevertheless continues to be the best bet of the game. The result depends on precisely how Barcelona may deal with the anxiety of this kind of game.

A single aspect can be on the heads of soccer players which will get on Santiago Bernabeu: the championship of La Liga. Real Madrid and also Barcelona are both prone to get the title, although the difference will only be just a few points. Pretty much any wrong move for each of those clubs can indicate trouble, one thing no one wants.

This “El Clasico” is a crucial one for Real Madrid, since they will play at home and are also 2 points behing Barcelona. Evidently, a slip-up will not be end of the world for Zidane’s team, but will reduce their chances to ascend to the #1 spot. Regarding the title fight, this one can be seen as any other match, since the championship is still playing and both teams can make mistakes in the future.

Overall, a victory for Real Madrid will help them reach the #1 spot, at only one point ahead of Barcelona. A draw will maintain the actual rankings and, evidently, will not help anyone.

At this moment, Barcelona leads the H2H in “El Clasico”, with 96 league wins and also 19 wins in exhibition matches. From Barcelona comes the all time goalscorer of El Clasico, Lionel Messi, with 26 goals. Last time Real Madrid won on Santiago Bernabeu in El Clasico was on 2 March 2013.

You can check here the league stats for both Real Madrid and Barcelona. The match will be played on 1 March 2020 at 21:00 CET.

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